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I heart Asian Girls
38 22%
I heart Emma Watson
41 24%
I heart Asian girls AND Emma Watson
57 33%
I don't like either
35 20%
Voters: 171.
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Time for another completely pointless thread...

It seems that everyone is obsessed with either Aisan girls or Emma Watson. I feel like I am the only person here who doesn't have a crazy fetish for either of them.

I'm not racist or anything. A beautiful woman is a beautiful woman, regardless of her nationality, but it seems that the majority of male UGers automatically thinks "LOL ASIAN = HAWT LOL i'd tap taht liek a Van Halen solo."

A similar thing applies to Emma Watson. I don't really see anything special in her, but all the guys at school love her for some reason.

Am I alone?

EDIT: please nothing like "You must be Ghey LOL". I'm allowed an opinion. I was wondering if anyone shares it.
i like non-emma watson white girls. so i think ur not alone.
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maybe you should get more friends : D
you seem lonely, poor you.
too bad i'm alonely too but not the same way as you
Hot Asians > Emma Watson
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busty japanese girls FTW!!

oh yeah and emma watson
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I heart Emma Watson.
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Not bad I suppose
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Emma Watson? Yes.

Azn girls? Not really, no.
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Emma Watson: Flat and irritating.
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well im asian so i should like asian girls? eh i like both
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Emma Watson IS quite nice looking. Other than that small opinion of mine, yes i agree with you Mr. Treadstarter.
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No Evanna Lynch as an option?

GTFO plz

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Not bad I suppose

Yeah, if you like girls that look like 12-yr-olds.

I prefer women, or young women my age...

I suppose that may also be just an old picture, though. I've only seen Harry Potter 1&2...
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the reason so many people bumm of emma watson is because she is in harry potter. i think alot of kids read harry potter, and saw the films, and thought "If I was in hogwarts I'd be hitting that". And as for asian women, I'm not sure. I dont share that fetish, but I know people that are a bit crazy about them, and asian people in general. I know one person who has a thing for asian men. somehow I dont think the feeling is mutual though.
emma is hot but azn girls are just azn nothing special

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Evanna Lynch plays Luna Lovegood in the new Harry Potter film and has won the hearts of horny teenagers and fanboys alike.

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Yooooooooooouuuuuu QUAKEROAT!
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Quote by Truism

Not bad I suppose


Anyway I'm not attracted to many asian woman not in a racist way some are hot some are not.
Emma Watson is too young and so are most of the girls in Harry Potter. What I find really annoying is that you guys tend to label Asia as Oriental. It's not true, ffs. And another thing which really annoys me is how mostly everyone pictures an Asian to be a Oriental Pornstar/AV Idol with size DD tits. If you ask me, most AV Idols look the same.

Start looking for real Oriental people which help to define our countries, like Kelly Chen ffs.
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