hi, i would like to learn how to play the electric guitar but basically have no idea on which brands etc and how much i would be looking to pay for a half descent one (new or 2nd hand?). i currently have in between £200 and £250 to spend so what are your recommendations?

ps i already have an amp...
Hiya Phil! Since you're int he UK, (I am too), I'd instantly recommend Vintage Guitars from John Hornby Skewes. Excellent build quality and sound, for under £200.
Check out the listings , I've edited the price range to be within your budget

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the most known-brands are gibson, epiphone, fender, prs, ibanez.
what are your music genres ?
what amp do you have ?


theyre great for starting out, but of course, you'll want to upgrade eventually. but a squire will get u started.

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