Im doing this thread mostly just out of curiosty. I myself started about age 11 but didnt get into serious guitar stuff (like improv, scales, stuff like that) till about year ago

Thanks for your output!

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but yeah its fine
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15 as Kirt Hammet and Kurt Cobain, so dont worry it's never late

Werd. It's experience that makes you good, not age.
12 as did Jimmy Page (since apparently it's a big thing in this thread to have started at the same age as someone famous).
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You all have headstarts
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Me as the original poster, 5/6 years or so since I first picked one up, but only the last year or two have I noticed any really big improvement, it's not how much you play/practice ,it's not the quantity, but the quality of it when you do that it will make you a better player
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i started at the age of "chuck norris says use the search bar".

j/k it was actually 7 or 8.
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