Ok, this is another spam thread about amp testing, but it might prove useful to those who are:
a) Looking for a cheap practice amp
b) Bored

So, here's the deal. I sold my old amp (also my first one) about two months ago, and managed to save some money for the next one. Since here in Uruguay there aren't many amps, I thought I'd try out as many amps as I could. I'll only post about the two most recent ones I tried. Bear in mind that I don't have a lot of money, so there are no valve amps here.

Line6 Spider II 75

Well, I know the bad reputation these amps have, and a friend of mine has a Spider II 15, so I know that they aren't any good. But not to be close minded, I thought I'd try it out. I used a Fender Toronado for the testing.

I commited the fatal newb mistake of telling the shop guy that I was planning on buying something. Needless to say, he offered me the only two varieties of amps they had: Marshall MGs and Line6 Spider II. I stopped him in his tracks saying that I didn't want to have anything to do with MGs, but I thought of giving the Line6 a shot. Also, I went to that store because one of my dad's friends (an active musician) knew a guy there, so I thought I'd at least try.

As soon as I plugged into the amp, the time it took to load made me doubt about it. It started on a clean channel, which had 2 varieties (the same applies for each channel, some more "saturated" than others). Tweaking around, a nice clean sound could be obtained, but as soon as I accidentaly turned the channel knob and tried to go back to it, I found out the whole preset had been lost. This was a huge turn off for me, because, while it's true that you can save the preset, it's an awful thing if you accidentally forget to do so.

Moving on to the crunchier side of the amp, I was disgusted to hear most of the presets it had built in. They all sounded too digital for my taste. Some of them were tweakable to get an almost decent thing (not decent, but near), while some of them were plain awful. There was one metal setting I liked after playing with the settings, but it still wasn't as good as other amps.

This amp ran for about $480 here, needless to say I stepped away from it. Some people might like it, if they don't mind sounding like they're a freaking computer.

All in all, I'd give it a 4.

Laney LC35R

This thing utterly blew my head. I went to another store to find some amps, and they said this one would suit me. I didn't tell them I was planning to buy this time.

Ok, starting on with the cleans. Using my Epi LP, I managed to get the sweetest cleans I have ever heard on such a small amp. The reverb is discrete when you need it and omnipresent when you switch the knob. It had quite some bass, but nothing that the Bass knob (duh) couldn't handle.

On the "crunch" channel you can get great things. I managed to get some good classic rock crunchiness (is that even a word?) to a full-on heavy metal distortion. According to the volume is the kind of overdrive you'll achieve, which adds a lot of colour to your tone palette (Aha! Metafors). There is a scoop button which cuts the mids and adds some bass and thickness, which makes it great for metal. At some point it loses it's crunch, making it a smoother overdrive, but it depends on the volume you set it to.

This amp costed $265, but I got a discount and bought it with a footswitch for $250 (they lowered the amp to $215).

Overall, this amp is a 9 to me (in it's price range, of course).

Well, that's all the spam I have for now. Remember: I gave them those ratings based on their price range. Now, I know that a new "insert new piece of gear" thread is worthless without pics, so here it is. Enjoy!


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nice spam, and nice buy!

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