I found a Kay Vintage Series Les Paul Model at a garage sale awhile back.

I have been tinkering with it for months, and I have decided that I may have wasted $65 bucks on a piece of crap.

Here is what the problem is:
It sounds fine, but when I play notes around the 12th fret, I get this ugly buzzing noise.
Especially on the low E, A, and D strings. Also, when I play high notes (around 15th fret) on the G, B, and high E string, I get this high dull sound, that sounds the same when you bend, hammer-on and pull-off. I have tried loosening the strings, and tightening them, and no luck. What else should I do? Or should I get rid of it and get a new guitar?
Tap on the back of the neck and see if it rattles?...neck might be messed up.
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