I have a birthday coming up, and it's the last one home before I leave for college. I have a budget of $750, and I want to spend the lions share of it on pedals. I had a few pedals but had to sell them off for some extra cash. Right now I only have a tuner (with daisy chain). I'd like to build the most comprehensive rig I can for the allotted amount of money, including pedalboards and cables.

I've been looking at the Boss RC-2, Vox Wah, Whammy Pedal, and Vox Tonelab. I play rock, indie, and stuff like Ratatat.
I'd say

Vox Wah
Digitech Whammy
Boss DD-3 or 6
MXR EVH Phase 90
Boss Flanger

Oh, and more info about genres you play please There are certain basic pedal recommendations, but when it comes to distortion/overdrive pedals some are better for certain genres than others.
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I say: TC Electronics G-Major + G-Minor, it has all the effects you need, you can control the **** out of everything, and it has a built in tuner, and noise gate.

It'll cost around 600-700, great buy. I'm hoping to get one soon, and I tried it out today.
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Like I said before, garage-y rock, indie (yeah, vague). I want some pretty good distortion.
Does anyone have any experience with the Vox Tonelab? It looks pretty comprehensive.
Sovtek Big Muff
Boss BD-2
MXR Phase 100 if you can find it, if not, phase 90
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get a boss gt8. i think you can get them used for about 4-500 dollars which leaves some for ....
danelectro cool cat chorus 40$ (great for playing some grunge type stuff where it fattens up your sound)

MXR phase 45 50$(?) (great for shredding and it has a bit harsher of a sound then the more common phase 90)

MXR blue box 5-60$ ( you want a rock distortion this thing is the pimpest thing youll ever get. killer distortion plus an octave DOWN. sounds like pure death.)

EH electric mistress flanger, not sure on price, something around a hunsky i think.
(great flanger for playing anything with a flanger. totally versatile)

anyways those are just some suggestions. im just guesstimating the costs, but if there was one thing id buy out of those it is the cool cat. great pedal. anyways try them out and see what you think
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I have a Fender Princeton Chorus. Its pretty loud but I'm a little disappointed with the sound; it's just a little dull.
You could invest that money into a new amp. Just sell your old one and use that money plus the 700 and you could get a very nice amp and you wouldnt need many pedals. Any pedals you would need might still be in your budget after you get the amp, especially if you buy used.
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Does anyone have any experience with the Vox Tonelab? It looks pretty comprehensive.

If you're into comprehensive multieffects then may I strongly recommend the Boss GT-8 as an owner. It has tons of amp models, but the thing that sold me was the effects. It can do just about every single guitar effect you could think of. For more info check out TwoString's Boss GT-8 thread: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=596400

Also check out this sweet demonstration video by Johnny Demarco: http://youtube.com/watch?v=3sXlXtWC050

It's easily the best MFX floor unit on the market.

edit: Oh, and apparently if you haggle you can get it for around 250 dollars.
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