This may be a bit of a noobish question for a 2-year guitar player, but what are the pros and cons of having really heavy (13s) or really light (8s) gauge strings?
Lighter is easier to bend and sounds lighter. Opposite for heavier. There's some more compilcated stuff about tension but I'm not fully clued up on that stuff.
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Heavier strings are better for lower tunings, reduces fret buzz due to the string tension.

I play in E flat or Standard and i use 9's or 10's depending on guitar, but i have one guitar which is in C and i have 12s on
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i have a question as well with heavier strings do they break less often?

Yes, but if you have a sharp saddle or something it'll probably break anyway.

Heavier strings tend to have better sustain and tone, and feel better to play (unless you're bending)
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Light gauge strings are easier for bends. Heavy gauge strings give a fuller sound.