I want a bridge pickup that can sound like my Wolfgang pickup BUT I want one that can be coil split and sound like a strat bridge pup.....anyone got any ideas for me? Thanks.
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Just what came with it...it's supposed to be the closest thing to an evolution.
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Are you talking about splitting the pickup in your Wolfgang or getting a new pickup ?
Either way it's pretty uncommon to find a humbucker that can't be split, including the one in you WG. Check the leads coming off of the pickup, as long as you have at least four color coded wires coming of it it can be split. You'll need to find out the manufacturer of the pickup so you get the correct color codes for wiring.

Hope this helps.
I wouldn't think that splitting my current pickup would have a strat sound....I want my fav tone on my fav guitar. Thanks though. Where can I get volume knob switches for the coil split too?
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A humbucker is basically two single coils wired together to cancel the hum, hence the name "humbucker". So you can get a strat sound from a humbucker. Although if the humbucker is "hot" or overwound the split sound may not sound so good. I have a set of Carvin humbuckers in one of my guitars wired to a mega switch and with a flick of the switch a can go from a nice full humbucker sound to a strat tone to a tele tone. Some of it will also depend on what size and value pots and capacitors you use.

By volume knob switch I imagine you are refering to a push/pull pot. here are couple links for them.

Here are few more links that my be helpful.