I have a Marshall MG10 currently, ive heard that the epiphone valve jr is a tube amp and they are saposed to be much better than an amp without a tube and as far as i know my amp is not a tube amp, i was just wondering if the epiphone valve jr would be better, worse or not really any different then my amp at all?

It'd be better, but what music do you play, and what is your price range.
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It's a lot better than the MG, however you'll need an overdrive or distortion pedal unless you live in the middle of nowhere, because the only way to get overdrive from it otherwise is to crank it, and it gets loud!

However, Doodleface is correct to ask what kind of music you play and how much you're willing to spend, because you might be able to do better.
It's way better than any MG, but what music do you play? It won't do metal very well on its own, it's more of a classic rock/blues amp. Perfect for me.

Also- tube amps have more than one tube. To be a tube amp, it's got to have a full set of preamp and power amp tubes, with no solid-state components in the signal path. Well, some have solid-state reverb or tremolo, but in the main signal path it's all tubes.
Thanks, i mostly play rock stuff ( pink floyd, hendrix, clapton, stones...) but i also play a fair bit of metal , as for my price range i was hoping less then 300, but if its worth it i would save up to get it, i understand that tube amps are more expensive.