would i be able to get a pg tone with a rocker 30?

thank u
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mayb but he doesnt use much gain

im trying 2 get bright warm crystal clear sound he has
Well I'm not the largest Paul Gilbert fan, but from what I remember his tone ain't that heavy, so I would guess you can.

If you don't already have an amp, maybe a Laney GH50 is a better choice, since it is what PG uses...
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Paul Gilbert doesn't really have a complex tone. It's basically medium gain with a fair amount of treble/mids for that aggressive shred sound. I'd say yes.
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lol, that's kurapica's set up.
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lol, that's kurapica's set up.

Haha yeah, it's weird to come onto a thread and see a picture of my bedroom XD

Haha. To be honest mate, not exactly. The Orange Rocker 30 ain't really voiced for Gilbert. You'll have a great tone, but you won't be able to replicate his tone exactly. Don't get me wrong, I can get a great Mr Big thing going on, but I think you'd need something a tad more modern. I mean, it'd be pretty good, but if you want to replicate him, there are better amps for it.

EDIT - Hmm, here's a clip I found. My amp is currently on the fritz so I can't record myself playing any Mr Big for you but here's what it sounds like for me atm. Ignore my playing, I know it's arse. I'm not a very good guitarist ^^

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