Hello people,

I'm having a problem tuning my new guitar which i hope someone of you can help me with. I recently bought a Fender strat 50s, my first 'decent' guitar (ive been playing on a Stagg lespaul in the past). I still call myself a beginner but i thought the time was there to invest in a more decent model. (i probably didn't make a smart move by purchasing one online and have it delivered, without testing it out, but as beginner willing to invest i guess its normal)

I'm not well aware on how the 'guitar anatomy' works, including everything related to strings. I received my guitar out of tune ofcourse but i managed to tune it because i have a tuning device. Though, my problem is: the low E string when it's in tune, gives this vibrating sound, a noise actually. I never faced this problem so its hard to describe. It gives this metal-to-metal noise. But im sure the pro's out there will know wht im talking about. Even with my small amount of knowledge, I dont see anything wrong with the way the string is attached or anything with the bridge.

Does anyone know a solution to get rid of this 'vibe' sound ?

would be very much appreciated.

Another thing im having problems with, might be related to the one above, is the fender bridge & tremolo. Ive said before that i dont know alot about this, so im wondering how it exactly works, because when tuning the guitar the bridge starts to 'bend' (sorry for my wrong choice of words, im not native english). I assume this is normal because of the tremolo, but are there things i have to keep in mind here? how far can i go etc... Still keeping in mind that i want this vibing noise gone, which apparently disappears when i tune the string up really high.


edit: sorry if i repeat previous threads because i read things about buzzing strings etc...
your E is probably coming into contact with a fret. You may have to raise the action a bit.
Well, you're buzzing problem is because the action on your guitar is too low.

If you have a small allen wrench, you can usually fix it.

The saddles that hold your strings by the bridge control how high the strings are off the fretboard. When they are too low, it makes a buzzing noise. When they are too high, its harder to play because you have to press the strings down hard to get a note to sound.

Play with the saddles with an allen wrench until it stops buzzing, you should be good.

You can go pretty far with the tremolo bridge, don't worry about it. Unless you have the things by the nut to keep the strings from going out of tune (on a 50's strat, probably not), then the worst thing that will happen is your strings **MIGHT** go out of tune if they are newer. That shouldn't be a problem, give them time to stretch when you put new strings on and you should be good.