so im trying to learn the song stolen by dashboard confessional. its a pretty easy song and i can play the rest of it, but there is one part that trips me up. in the intro when chris plays


how are you supposed to play the third chord?? i cant find a way to play it while muting the second string. ive seen a few other songs like this too where i cant figure out how to pull that off. any help would be appreicated. thanks
have your little finger on the g string, ring finger for the d string, use your middle finger for the e string and use it to mute the a
You could use ur 1st or 2nd finger to bar the 4 strings and mute the a string with ur 3rd/4th finger. Or a rather unorthodox way to play it be use ur thumb to fret the 9th fret on e string.

Failing that, look for a different tab.
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