ok so the people who are good with vocal mixing and have heard the new ozzy osbourne CD, Black rain, could you help me out. I would like to know a rough estimate of what his Bass, mids, and highs are for his vocal sound. Im trying to get his sound on my mixer but cant. so could someone help me out. I also think he may be using some effect but i cant really tell. I really like it and i want to cover a couple black rain songs. Help is greatly appriciated.
Thanks pals anf gals
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I don't think you're gonna get anywhere close to it, if you don't do drugs as a morning gymnastics every day. The man ****ed up his throat, severly so I wouldn't recommend singing his way either.
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ozzy's voice is one of a kind..nothing will sound like it. and yeah..his voice is messed up from singing the way he does. basically a calus on his vocal cords. you dont wanna sound like that. lol