So I just bought Music Theory for Dummies hehe and it got me thinking about piano and that it might be beneficial to have a keyboard for reference and learning purposes. I can't think of any reasons not to, but is this a good idea and would it help me to understand theory more easily? I don't really know what brands are good so recommendations will be appreciated as well, thanks.
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meh i have one because i like to screw around on it, its not a matter of learning and reference, in the long run ull like having a keyboard handy

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don't see how it'd hurt

theory is often much more logical on keyboard in a way
as you got exactly one key for each note
compared to guitar where you've got at least a dozen ways to play everything
I use a keyboard as basically a looper and as a musical reference. I think it's alot easier to work out chords and progressions and such.
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