Can anyone here confirm this?

from a dawkins lecture...

Steve Brown points out that you and I are ourselves more like a wave than a permanent thing. He invites us the reader to think of an experience from your childhood ... as if you were there. .... here is the bombshell: you *weren't* there. Not a single atom that is in your body was there when that event took place. Matter *flows* from place to place, and momentarily comes together to be you.

Is this true?

Thanks, RW
I think about life, and then I think about death, and neither one particularly appeals to me..
Yes, it's true in to a certain extent.
Millions of cells die each second. Everytime you push a key you kill millions of cells, which are reconstructed.

Everytime you move, your muscles are damaged and reconstructed.
So it's true to a large extent, but I don't think it affects organs like your heart or brain, or most vital organs.
I like the sound of that. It makes a lot of sense when you think overliterally.

But what makes up the memories of being there? You'd think something has to have stayed residually for you to recall it happened.

Wow, that's deep. Thanks for getting my brain working, it doesn't happen much of late
You are not atoms
yes atoms flow, but your memories are not a bunch of atoms, they're more like how these atoms come together
Not true.

Brain cells never reproduce,they live as long as you do.

Although I'm not all too sure on that.

But either way, Doesn't it depend on whether you consider "you" to be your physicality or mentality?
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I think Dawkins knows what he's talking about... I mean, he's not like some random lecturer you've never heard of before, and he gets called out when he makes a factual mistake, so I think you're pretty safe in quoting it.
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surely if i was high that would make perfect sense...unfortunately i'm not and i'm very hesitant to believe it for a second

it sounds too much like one of those "dude...did you ever realize that like the whole world is like one. like we're all part of this one wave length man..."
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it sounds too much like one of those "dude...did you ever realize that like the whole world is like one. like we're all part of this one wave length man..."

Welcome to the world of Physics.
I dont think it refers to cells dying and being rebuilt. Its a THEORY that has basis in relativity, several time and space therories etc.

Its not fact but that doesn't mean you shouldn't believe it - you can quote it as a theory and its incredibly noble to do so as its very easy to give support to fact but to give your support to a theory because you like the idea is the sign of a brave and intelligent person.
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Well it is true in terms of the fact that no single cell in your body would remain from that many years ago. Your body continuously replaces cells at a rate whereby your entire body will have been "replaced" over a year (or something like that...I completely forget the time but yeah, that's what it does). When you lose fat you lose part of your body in a matter of speaking, when you gain fat you gain new cells, same good for muscles, etc, etc. Your body is continuously repairing itself which results in new cells replacing the old ones.
It's true that the atoms and molecules that you are made of are no longer apart of you from that moment in time. Atoms and molecules decompose and flow from organism to organism but never die, they just move to other things over eons and eons of time. You were there as yourself, and you still retain those memories, just the atomic parts that were apart of you are no longer there. It's just this guys philosophical view on the way things work, nothing more than a play on words.
I would assume you mean that matter, as in your body, comes together in combination with your soul? And then when you die the matter is just going somewhere different. In that case, I would guess it would be correct. But like some other people said he probably knows what he's talking about.
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nah thats total bull****. he is kinda saying that the past isn't real. if you have ever gotten a scar, the HIV, etc. you will know that the past is real. just because the atoms in your body that were there at the point of the memory no longer exist, does not mean that the memory doesnt exist. he is confusing tangible objects with ethereal concepts and ideas. there are more things than just the physical in the universe. i call bull****.
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