Sorry for the cheese. And btw my first song in this style for ages. Crit for crit thanks.

Your lips,
Sparks flying,
Off of me.

This heat,
Between you and me,
Burns through the sky,
And kindles on for eternity.

I can’t stand,
Life without you,
Living alone,
Was breaking my heart in two!

I can’t state my feelings for you,
They’re more than just I love you,
You warmed my heart,
And stopped it from falling apart.

I can’t say it!
I can’t break through!
I can’t say my love!
But I’d die for you!

I guess I’ll never break through,
Crack the question to you,
In the end these 3 words will have to do,
I love you.
O Hai der.
nothing ground braking. Most of the ryhmes are pretty simplistic, mostly overdone. I wouldn't say it's bad, cause it has great flow, a pretty relatable topic, and looks good to the eye. I will say that it will have to have a pretty mean soundtrack to make this one stand out as a song. Take from that what you will.
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It's not always rainbows and butterflies,
It's compromise that moves us along. -- Maroon 5