So far, $600+, and I'm not even done yet. Some books were sold out before I could it. I need five more.
i just spend $311 today on them and i still have two more classes to buy for. sucks.
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You guys aren't buying them from the college bookstore, are you? I'm still in HS, but everything I've heard says to buy them used or look online.
I'm at $600 for the semester
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i only bought one book before i dropped out. that was £40 ($80)
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-I've lost count, albeit the book I'll purchase costs circa 90 euros.
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So far, $600+, and I'm not even done yet. Some books were sold out before I could it. I need five more.

You a law student? Cause I get the feeling I'm going to feel your pain when uni starts.
Most I ever spent for a semester's worth of books in 14 semesters at school was about $750. The most I ever spent for a set of books, though, was $2,100 for my bar review course.
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$350 or something like that, Dirk_gently: $2,100 is enormous!
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300 on books...

600 on knives... but at least its culinary i do nothing but cook
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How many books are there?!?

Around eight or so, I don't even have a full semester I'm only doing 4 out of 5 courses.
Almost $600..for one semester. What a damn rip off, college costs so much in tuition then you gotta pay up the ass for books.
Almost $400, but I'll be getting $81 back here in a week or so because I dropped Philosophy and refunded those 2 books.
most of my friends studying in the US take the Eastern Economy books available here in India. The computer science books cost at max about $20 a book
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