Normally I would think that type of music is **** but it was groovy.. double bass was awesome
lol i h avn't seen that video for 2 years, reliving childhood ftw haha

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Is it the JFAC Spongebob thing?

EDIT: Nope.
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dude, "Im Face" i miss that

Wow, totally forgot about him.

And most of those clips weren't from Nickelodean...either Nick Jr., Cartoon Network, or Disney Channel.

Don't ask.
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What the fuck was that? There's actually a song called "Kill your mother/fuck your dog"? Also most of that wasn't from Nickelodeon. Only Face, Little Bear and Little Bill were on Nick and those were on Nick Jr. Bear was on Disney and Johnny Bravo was on Cartoon Network.
Ah well EXCUUUSSE MEEEE. It's been about 6 years

The drums in that song kicked ass
those lyrics were quite entertaining.
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