Personally, I quite like it, though I do miss the romance and the dance of their first few efforts. It seems like this kind of prog rock is done by alot of people, but they do manage to put Minus The Bear's stamp on it. I think the album is working the best on Dr. L'Ling. What bout you all?
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I really loved this record, I think I may have overplayed it at first and have since returned to Highly Refined Pirates.

They still got the romance, but yeah much less dance
As far as I'm concerned Minus the Bear can do no wrong.
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It's a really strong album. The more I listen, the more I like.

There's some heavier moments on there and some real poppy moments....and then some indie moments and then some prog moments. On a whole, it works really well. There are a couple of stand-out tracks for me but it's not an album where i can actually pick out a song that I don't like.
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I'm with Paris_In_Flames on this one. It was one of the albums you had to be looking forward to this year, but it's not as inspirational as their past work. There's clearly a Pink Floyd influence going on within it, and that's not necessarily a bad thing, but it seems to bore their music down a little bit. The vocal lines seem to be a bit more obvious as well this time around, and their music just seems as though it's almost been simplified.
Good, but not great.
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I agree with most of you dudes. Like it's definitely good but it hasn't stuck with me. I just started really getting into them this past summer. I'm gonna give it another chance because I know it's coming from a great band, it's definitely not bad at all though.
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I haven't picked up the new album yet. I probably will soon though.