Lets say I want to play something like this (from Stairway to Heaven)


Whenever I bend the 15 quickly and release it, the D string vibrates from being hit. I asked my RA (he's been playing 10 years) and what he does when he bends is slide his fingernails underneath the strings so when he lets go, the strings don't vibrate, but I can't do that (I'm thinking the action on my guitar may be a bit low). So what I do is put my palm down on the D string so when it gets hit doesn't get a chance to vibrate. A friend of mine who's been playing for 5 years does that and it works for him.

Is this the best thing or is there something I'm not seeing?
Well if you're bending 2 semi tones with the B you shouldn't have to even touch the D string..
Unless you're using a clunky motion, in which case look at what you're doing and correct it
i really don't think you should be hitting the d string for that bend, but if you're doing it correctly then try palm muting or putting one of your free fingers on it really quickly to mute it.
Maybe my guitar is crappy but I took some pics.

Here's before bending (I pulled my pinkie back so you can see a better shot)

And here's bending that D note to an E (I was plugged into a tuner so that spot was a perfect E)

You can see that it barely touches the D string, but enough so that when I have to quickly bend and release, it makes the noise.
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I'm not familiar with that song playing (didn't bother learning it) so if it's only a half step bend you should only run into your G string. If it's a full step then I understand running into it. I still have no idea how you get it to move, your finger should mute as you pull away.
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It does require a bit of practice, but what you might try is using your index finger to bar the entire fret below it, not press, but just hover over to mute them and prevent them from ringing out.

Yeah, I've actually heard of that technique. Although it doesn't quite work for the example I gave, I'll definitely give it a go where it seems like it'll work.
My action is a bit higher when I do a full step bend I do touch the D string ( guess it depends on guitar) but because the action is high the fleshy part of my giner just mutes the D string. I always palm mute unplayed strings as a back up anyway.
Ahh i used to have this problem
It's fairly simple to change, and it's basically the aforementioned barring, so that you're muting the string, but also make sure the action on that string isn't especially high, as you'll just get your fingers stuck under it