hey everyone i'm saving up to get myself a guitar this christmas and was looking forward to a Gibson Studio until i saw the Epiphone Elitist and now i'm thinking which to get. i havnt tried the epi so for those of u who have tried both what do u think?
from whgat ive haerd and read in reviews the elitist is better than the gibson

i woudnlt know from experience either way though
but then again there are badns that use the elitist over a gibson so....
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yeah, but epiphone usually isnt as nice as gibson. id try out the elitist if you can first.
pay me the same amount and ill give you better head than an amp ever could.

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yeah ima head down to GC one of these days to try em out but i want to know what people think from their experiences
The Epiphone Elitist is better than the Gibson Studio. High-end Epis are oftentimes better than low-end Gibbys. It looks, plays, and sounds better.
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Can you get a bfg for that price? it's better than both.
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people's opinions are that low end Gibson = epiphone elitists, but the early nineties les pauls are supposedly great years for Gibson. Keep your eye out for early nineties studios on ebay.
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Can you get a bfg for that price? it's better than both.

BFG's are cheaper, I think, but they're so ugly.
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So what? I wasted like 5 minutes watching DaddyTwoFoot's avatar.

Metalheads are the worst thing that ever happened to metal.
I played both and for me it was a no-brainer.
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okay, this is stupid,
Epiphone was bought by gibson and now they're made by the same people under different names.
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Now technically, Gibsons are better. Better materials and parts are used. But unfortunately they're all totally handmade and tend to be pushed out quite quickly, resulting in a not-ideal level of quality control. Alot of people are prejudiced against Gibsons for this reason and for the fact they overprice their products.

Epiphone are machine-made but also pushed out quite quickly. This makes for a slightly higher level of quality control but they are lower quality guitars overall due to poorer wood and parts - Epiphones are renowned for poor pickups. They're also cheaper, which is why people will defend them. Guitars like the Epiphone Joe Perry, Tony Iommi and Les Paul Ultra have improved specs and improved electrics, making them great guitars for the money with the decent quality control of Epiphone.

Elitist Epiphones are equal to alot of Gibson models - their SG '61 reissue equal to Gibson, Studios, Standards, every model which seems the same - all the same specs. Now the thing with these is they're much cheaper than their Gibson counterparts and are precision machine-made in Japan. Japanese quality inspectors are really incredibly strict with guitars - if it's not perfect, they'll either get it finished better or just bin it. This makes for all MIJ Epiphones to be consistent in quality, consistently awesome, as opposed to Gibson - there's alot of lemons, quite a few good ones and very few absolutely exceptional models.
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you should check out japanese made tokai love rock les pauls, definitely gibson standard series standards. stay away from the chinese made ones, they are still good quality, but won't compare to the gibson or even the epi.