i've been having weird dream lately, but this was the weirdest.

i had a dream last night that i was in a room with my two grandpas. one of which is dead, the other has severe Alzheimer's and doesn't know who anyone is anymore.

so i was in the room with them, and i was talking about things that had happened when i was younger when i used to see them both more often. i don't really remember what we talked about specifically but i woke up shortly afterwards.

i hate dreams that feel so perfectly real.
i got that feeling in a dream but i was talking to my father , i havent seen my father in 5 years
weird, i've had very real dreams that I don't forget, just about every day of this summer.
I've never had a dream that felt 'real'; i'm always watching myself in the third person and its always something stupid and unrealistic
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i got that feeling in a dream but i was talking to my father , i havent seen my father in 5 years

may i ask why?

i hate it when that happens. i used to babysit these three kids, and one night after i put them to sleep, i sat down on the couch and started reading for English the following day. i fell asleep and had a dream that one of them was yelling for help and i went to run upstairs but tripped on the third step and right when my head was about to hit the ground, i woke up.
I had a dream that i was reading some insanely funny magazine article with my brother even though i couldn't actually make out intelligible writing in the dream and then i woke up laughing. Then later i almost asked my brother what we were reading and remembered it was a dream
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the brain works in mysterious ways. ive never had dreams about relatives that i remember atleast. But i did once have a dream where my and my GF got into a terrible fight, yelling screaming yadda yadda, and when i woke up i actually thought we had gotten into an arguement and i was bitter and everything untill it hit me mid-day that it was infact a dream.
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I had a dream that for some reason Korea bombed my 'friends' house cuz he was hacking and i didnt like him anyways, and then we went to war and me and my friend where soldiers and evntually somewhere in Europe we were fitghing, and i saved his Life and then when we were retreating i was covering him and some other guys escape and i got shot and died, then i was viewing from a 3rd person perspective when he got back home and told his GF(whos my best friend) that i died, then the next night i had a dream just like it except after i saved him he died and then i hooked up with his GF
I had a dream that I got a girl pregnant once. But it gets worse. Not only did we not even do it, shes my best friend.

It was the weirdest dream, she just kinda walked up and said, "Im pregnant and its yours." And I just said, "Okay."

And the last night or so I've been having dreams that Im playing with my marching band in my highschools stands, which btw, is ri-god damn-diculously fun.
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Had a dream last night that I was at school, and that our team was short of players for an Aussie Rules team, so me and my mate joined. So we were waiting to get our jerseys and some guy that changed schools at the start of this year was laughing at me and calling my name. Turned out I had put on a few kilos in the dream and looked chubby, and I was wearing a skin-tight shirt. After that I was walking down the stairs, jumped off and hanging onto my mates back, did it again and flew down the stairs, smashed into a door and landed on my neck, no damage done.
Then I think I walked out the door and my guitar tutor was there playing Midnight by Satch.
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its strange im always in 3rd person and it feels so real =\

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I had a dream when I was on a roller coaster it went off the tracks REALLY high in the air. I was screaming in the dream, and as soon as we hit the ground, I woke up and shot out of bed, it scared the piss out of me
I get those dreams a lot too. Sometimes it's so weird like I get hit with something and I wake up 'cause you actually feel something hitting you, it's weird man, scares the hell out of me. I get the **** beat out of me in my sleep.
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when the refrigerater tells u to kill stuff and then u do it and noone believes that the refrigerater would say such a thing and while all this is going on, the frige, sitting innocently in the corner, starts making anti semitic remarks
i had this dream that i was watching this boring movie in history class. then i felt a strange poking sensation in my shoulder. i woke up to find i actually was in history class, and i had fallen asleep during a movie.
Whenever i get a real feeling dream it drains away
but if you believe in all those messages through dreams from the dead maybe you should look into it?
I hate dreams when you're trying to wake up but you can't even move to save your **** from a hedge clippers. Those really **** with me man.
I those dreams are quite scary/cool

I had dream one where we was in the kitchen and all of a sudden massive spiders came through the roof and they was trying to eat us, i got annoyed with them so i puched one but ended up punching the wall Irl and it woke me up.

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I've had a lot of dreams recently in which my grandfather dies, is about to die, or I know that he is dead.

Although in real life he isn't. My mum says it's just because I'm worried about him, and that dreams like that usually don't come true.
I had a dream that Slash was a mad scientist, and a bunch of people had died because of some invention he had created that was going to take over the world. Then I was like the only person left alive, and Slash took me to his secret laboratory, and told me "He had created a monster", and that monster was this giant 10 foot tall alien with Axl Rose for a head, and then Axl bit Slashes head off and killed me. Then I woke up. Fricken weird.
thoes kind of dreams are the dreams that are when we miss someone that is gone like the passed grandpa and the one with the disease it, it means we are preserving their memory from when we liked them best.
couple of days ago.. I dreamed I had amazing guitar skills.