Hey dont know if this is the right forum, but i couldn't find an amplification forum.
Ok so wat i wanna know is Are Orange amps any good and i havent seen any in Guitar center or sam ash so where do u buy them . and also how much do they cost
from what i saw in a shop today, they were a bit pricey :/
they are meant to be really good, but i've had no experience with them!
they look cool though and stand out!
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1) They're great amps.

2) Gear and Accessories Forum (it's in the description)

3) Google is your friend. (If you haven't figured out to go to Orange's website and look up their dealers by now, you probably don't deserve an Orange.)
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just out of curiosity, what is the gain channel like on some of these amps for metal?
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They aren't pricey, because you're getting a really quality amp. I can't recommend them enough.

^ The Rockerverb series is pretty nifty for metal. It won't do ultra high gain but I can play stuff in the Avenged Sevenfold territory if I really want to...which I don't as it goes. But you get what I mean.
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there good quality

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you can find a store near you in the orange website, they don't sell it new trough the internet
Great quality, a bit pricey for what you getm and the tone is more British/Metal. I wouldnt recommend it for hi gain metal (Van Halen+) but it can do everything pretty well.
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you can find a store near you in the orange website, they don't sell it new trough the internet

humbuckermusic.com/net (dont know which) sells them new, unless they stopped selling them
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go to gg&a and you'll find a plethora of threads and loyal users who absolutely love them. personally? i think the ones i've played (rocker 30 and rockerverb 50) sound absolutely amazing.