Alright so I've been playing guitar for nearly 2 years now, and i figure i should pick up bass so i can do my own recordings and the like until i have a band. Ive done some research and ive been eyeing the ibanez sr505 since im a metal player and ive always preferred the sound of mahogany, as well as thin, fast necks(small hands). Obviously i know by now that the best way to decide on gear is to try it out, but im looking to get pointed in the right direction. What are some amps that would be suited to potential gig level for metal? Thanks for any help!
any marshalls, mesa boogies, kranks with said cabs are fine.

stay away from crates and fender, they aren't ment for metal/stage playing...


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sr505 isnt worth its price in my opinion, but if you have the money go for it. You said you're into metal, if I were you I'd definately go for a SRX model. Maybe go with a srx390 or srx590