I've been looking at a few models, but I can't seem to find one that really sticks out...

1. Electro Harmonics Metal Muff
2. Boss Metalcore
3. Scott Ian Black 13

I play alot of metal, and some blues.
I like a lot of distortion, with minimum feedback.

Recommendations please.
I have personally great experiences with EHX pedals.

So choose the Metal Muff.
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I've heard the metal muff doesn't have enough distortion...
But thats just word of mouth.

I need to try the mother ****er out to determine that...
the metalcore is a pretty solid pedal. sounds decent and is very quiet

the metal muff seems like the best choice of those 3 though
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out of the 3, i choose metal muff. though i recommend the sansamp gt-2. you can do blues with it.

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Visual Sound Jeckyll and Hyde OD/dist pedal, you say you play blues too so that thing should cover your needs

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