So i've had WinRAR for like 2 years, and whenever I try to open a file, I get this message:

"You have used up your free 40 day trial period. Please buy the full version".

It then gives me the options "Buy full version" and "Close". All I do is click the X in the top corner and it goes away, but the WinRAR window is still open, and I can still use it to unzip my files.

I don't get it, is it a glitch or something? I don't think it's supposed to do that..
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lol i say live with it, you got lucky and you dont have to buy win rar (i use total commander for RAR files anyways)
I've had my "evaluation copy" for two years too

jsut don't say anything

That way the magical computer police don't have to hunt you down
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Mine does that...
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Mine does that as well.... It's the same with mIRC with me :P

I've been using the "evaluation" file for quite awhile now..... I just cant be stuffed to buy it....

Mine does it too, it's completely fine. Some features are disabled, but not the zipping features.
it gives you that message for everyone. u dont even need to click the X button just say close.
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