Ok, I'm looking for a pedal set that I would like to keep under 200 bucks. I've seen the Danelectro Metal set, looks good. Anyone have any recommendations as for the set I should buy, I don't need a tuner, I'd like some distortion, anything that I could sound cool with, but not useless. And also it would be nice to have the pedalboard also remain under 200 (US all together). I have a Zoom 707II now, it's nice but I think having a full set of pedals would be better. Help please.
^you want bunch of pedals to get you entertained for a while? is that what you want?

i just have to say get a used crybaby wah and a Tubescreamer.

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honestly i would go for getting them one at a time if your budget is 200 bucks. start with a good distortion or overdrive pedal. check out the metal muff, jekyll and hyde.

then next i would look at a delay pedal, boss dd-3 or dd-6. really cool for repeats, or setting the delay really short also fattens up your sound and makes it sound fuller.

you should probably consider a noise gate also, the boss ns-2 seems to work ok, but other people recommend others, i have only used the boss so i cant comment on the others.

next a wah, for metal maybe check out the ibanez weeping demon, or the 535q crybaby, you can adjust the sound and sweep on both of those.

last for the pedal board, go to the home depot(or something similar) and get a laminated shelf, i got one in white and it looks wicked. get some heavy duty velcro. buy a 1 spot connector and you have a board for pedals for about 30-40 bucks.
what amp do you have?
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The only sets or kits are the Dano ones. I reccomend got doing this and instead get 3 or 4 regular pedals. If your set on the sets, go with the blues set, but I reccomend you avoid it.

IMO, get a EHX Sovtek Big Muff, Vox Wah, and some modulation of your choice. Maybe an ambience as well...delay perhaps. You can save money on the pedalboard by building it.
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