How do you come up with melodies for the vocal parts? I can write chord progressions, I can write lyrics, I can write guitar and other instrumental melodies, but I can't really find a way to come up with good vocal melodies. How do you all come up vocal melodies?
i look at the key of the song, whether it's major or minor, look at the chords, and just kinda use notes in that scale/chord progression as the vocal melody. kinda like a solo, but with a voice instead of guitar
Dragon Force is right, if you keep the vocal melody note as a note that is in the chord it's being sung over, things will work out better, probably.

The other thing is your melody needs a good contour, or shape. If you understand sheet music, you can look and see almost like a cuve. Gradually up and gradually back down. You'll be able to hear that it sounds better than a melody that kind of 'bounces' or doesn't really move at all.

Good luck, vocal melodies are tough.
I play the guitar part(could be other part) that I want the melody over. And just think of something and as I go write lyrics to the melody I think of.

Another way Is I get my lyrics and play the part of the song and read the lyrics in my head by improvising a melody with them, eventually something comes out.
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