I have a Mex Strat and for some reason the tone controls quit.A former employee at work left a Squire Strat that had a screwed up nut,so i swapped out the whole pickup assembly and dropped it in mine.while i had the both out,i inspected the wiring of the two.They were wired the same.So i have my tone controls back,yet they seemed to be lacking in somthing.Now,today a kid down the street wants to sell his Indonesion Squier Strat and Frontman amp for $100.00.I bought them.So i tuned it up,plugged it in and ran through the fiveway and the tone controls.The sound was amazing.There are more combonations(Tone) on this than my Mex Strat.Higher highs and lower lows.Is there a difference or is mine a dud setup? Scott
different pickups. different amp.
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did you buy it used? maybe they cleaned it out and replaced all the electronics with some ****ty ones.
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I used my personal amp for this.This young man (16) never even played it much(it's all original).I'm sure tried to play(it was Waaay outta tune) and found out it's not for him,so it sat in his room for a year in the case.It's an Affinity Model.A drummer friend gave me the mex one last spring.
If you know anything about capacitors used in guitars you will know why each one sounds a little different. There is a difference in sound if using 250K pots or 500K pots. And the caps used in guitars are the cheaper ones, they have a 20% = or - variance from what it says there value is. And most guitars now have the cheap chinese pots in em and they make things worse. Ive seen new guitars that the tone controls seem to have no effect. Only way to fix the cheaper guitars is gut em and buy the good pots. You will have to look at the pots and see what value they are in the guitar you like. And also look at the caps, alot of companies now put the same ones in single coil and humbucker guitars. It used to be you used .47mf with humbuckers, and .22mf with single coils. Also some companies will put a little cap on the volume pot that will boost the treble when you turn the volume down.
Different pickups, different amps, different craftsman ship, and cannot forget different woods.
I think it may be in the 5 way switch.On the mex version(the one that doesn't sound that good),if i push the switch to the side it changes its tone as if there is a bad connection inside the switch itself.I'll replace that and see if it doesn't correct things.I don't see how a squier is going to sound ten times better than this Mex.If the switch doesn't correct it ,i'll replace the whole wiring and pot assembly.Then i'll get to the pickups later.This kinda stuff really bugs me until it gets corrected.