Heya guys, i was looking to play cs again for the first time in about four years, so i installed it all and got steam again, made a new account, but when i went to register cs it said my cd key had already been registered, presumably by me four years ago. The problem is i dont know the name of my old account, or even the email details of the account.

Am i screwed? Is there any other way i can play CS online?

thanks team
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"look" for a new cd key
plus that game you could pick up for less than 30$
also have you herd of private servers?
i would talk to a valve/steam rep (not like they are ever much help), but see if there is something there that says retrive lost steam ID/Acct. or sumthing, if not, definatly talk to a techie.

or just go buy a new cd key for 10 bucks at best buy
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thanks guys, and ive looked at all their lost account retrieval things, and they all need me to sign into the email i'd used to register, which i also forget the details to.

Is CS 1.6 exclusive to steam or can you just log in through the game or something?

and nah what are private servers like?
I named my acoustic guitar Paris, cause' its got a big hole
1. get a keygen
2. buy a copy for like $5
forgot to mention i have no money :\.

i been interneting it and i think i might be able to get it working if i take a photo of my cd case with legit key on the front and email them, so i'll try that.

Thanks guys
I named my acoustic guitar Paris, cause' its got a big hole
Just download the nonsteam cs 1.6.
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