so my first and most used bass is some sort of peavey t-?? and at one point I realized a difference in it and most other basses, all the other basses had fretboards made of a different wood, where mine seemingly has the frets laid into the neck itself(wich looks like its made out of 2 pieces) and then covered in some sort of possibly protective finish., and I was wondering if this was anywhere near normal.
my ebmm looks just like that
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sounds normal to me, I think the finger board is just made of the same wood as the neck.

he right. if the neck and fretboard are one color, then you simply have a fretboard made of the same wood as the neck, which is most commonly done with maple.
Epi did this with a bunch of their Fender "clones" in the late 1980s, early 1990s. The solid maple body and neck are the main reason I keep my P Bass clone.
Wait, wait, are you referring to a maple fingerboard?
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Not a great picture, but I think that this is what everyone is talking about. This my old Epi and the neck and fretboard are a single solid piece of maple.