It started either today or yesterday, not too sure. Whenever my amp (Vox Pathfinder 10) is turned on and my guitar (Yamaha Pacifica 012) is plugged in I keep on hearing this weird, constant ticking noise. I don't think it's the amp that's the problem because it's fine when nothing is plugged in (I don't have a second guitar that I can try it with btw). Anyone know what could be causing this?
But seriously, I'm not sure
Maybe the wiring in your guitar needs some cleaning,
Or try it with a different chord
Are you playing with a mobile phone in you pocket / close to the amp or pickups? The signal given off by them can be transmitted to you amplifier and sounds like a constant ticking or popping sorta sound.
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happened to me once... are you wearing a watch?
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Don't own a watch, haven't got another cable (look at what equipment I own, haha).

I think it mighta been my mobile. I normally forget where I put it so it could very well have been in my pocket. Played it about an hour ago with my phone about 2m away and it was fine.

Thanks for the help.