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Funnier Chappelle moment
i want some grape drink baby...it's purple

i remember back when i was the only one who loved chappelle...people don't realize that he's a fantastic stand up comedian

or at least was....
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Ignorance is bliss. Oedipus ruined a great sex life by asking too many questions.
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Is it odd that I get an erection every time RageAgainst... posts?

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hendrix was overrated and grohl is better in food fighters than in nirvana
i DIED when that aired oh my christ...

thank you.

EDIT: oh and those who think chapelle ain't doing stand-up, i really believe he is, just not the show. guy loves stand-up too much to quit even that. watch Inside The Actors studio episode of him. I think I'm right.
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I think this man has a reputation to defend and "poop head" is not in that reputation.

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