I realize (after trying a few crappy solid state modelers) that a lot of modeling amps don't work well with distortion pedals.

You try and run a pedal through my crappy line6, and you either royally screw up the sound, or absolutely nothing happens (My Fab Pedal is pretty much useless with it, even though it isn't great anyway)

anyway, I was impressed by the sound of the valvetronix series, and I'm saving for an amp (either a 50 watt valvetronix or a 50 watt peavy valveking 112 combo), but lets say I want a heavier or lighter tone than my amp offers, will it let me run a distortion stompbox and react like a normal, non-modeling amp would?

thanks in advance.

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well the vox is still a modelling amp, and it is not really a tube amp, it has one tube an reacts like a solid state modelling amp to a distortion pedal, i would reccomend the peavy, but you would be able to get a footswitchable amp distortion