i'm going into surgery cause my boss broke my wrist and i'm gonna be out of commission for a while, so is there anything you can suggest i can do for when i re-coop. it'd probably be like learning all over agian right? i'm talking like 3 months or so. any insight?
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3 months is nothing, apart from being a little rusty you should be fine buddy =]
If it's only one wrist, do exercises with the other hand in shape as much as possible. And if that isn't an option learn some theory, it'll help for when you get back to play again. It'd also be a good time to focus on writing stuff. But I agree that 3 months isn't going to be like learning over afterwards, you'll probably be a bit off with your muscle memory and also lacking in some stamina.
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The doctor should have given you some exercises to do to keep your wrist as strong as possible. Touch together your thumb and index finger, stop, then continue with your other fingers. Do this quickly and as often as possible. It shouldn't be too difficult to pick it up again after three months, just don't worry about it. Usually you can play before the time the doctor said anyway, if you keep it light. When I fractured my wrist I was fine to play three or four weeks before I was told I could.
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I'll concur that three months is nothing. The important thing is to listen to your doctor and do your physical therapy as instructed. In 12 weeks you won't lose much muscle memory, but you will have to rebuild your stamina. My resident drummer just went through wrist surgery on both hands, and while he can't play as long as he used to right now, he had no problem getting back on the drum throne and playing at the same level as before.

Sinan's on the right track--take your time to work on your theory and your sight reading. Expand your musical influences; listen to music you never listened to before. Watch instructional videos. Believe it or not, sometimes taking a break can give you time to reassess your playing and push you to a new level in your playing.

Good luck with the surgery!