Ok, your probably going to laugh at me at some point in this thread, but let me get this out of the way first:

I'm not in a band right now, and am on VERY limited funds (I've got a little over $50 and thats it. PERIOD.). But thats OK with me, because I'm only recording so I can put some sound clips of me playing online. I've bootlegged all the software I need, and I have more than a good enough PC (I've got cakewalk and fruityloops studio, and a powerful as hell pc, although it has integrated sound right now...)

As for a mic, I've got one I got for free (I fixed someones computer, and they felt I deserved payment, so he bought me it), its a cheap multipurpose mic thats sells for around $10. More than good enough for me.

if you need specs, its an SHS Audio OM-50
* Dynamic Unidirectional
* Freq. 150-8000Hz
* 600 Ohm +/-30
* Sensitivity -80 +/-3dB

I realize its **** compared to what most of you guys probably have.

like I said, I'm not looking for studio clear recording, I'm looking for bare minimums. And Ebay/used on amazon ISNT AN OPTION BECAUSE I HAVE NO CREDIT CARD/BANK ACCOUNT.

I have to go out and spend about $10 on a converter to fit my mic into my computer's microphone in jack. (my pc, obviously uses small headphone style input jacks).

so, best buy wise there are 2 soundcards available in my price range:

Creative Labs - Sound Blaster Audigy SE Sound Card here

and some obscure Dynex® - 5.1-Channel PCI Sound Card here

any other recommendations are welcome, but I'm definitely leaning towards the Audigy SE...

I realize these are crap cards, but you gotta realize I have no job, am doing this totally for fun, and I realize I can't get crisp clear perfect sound. Beggars can't be choosers.

so will the audigy SE make the cut? is there something cheap enough/still better I should look into? I can't make any more money right now, and I have no credit/debit/bank account at all, so ebay is off limits to this thread.


and yes, I'm on extreme minimums here, so I'm not using a pricey pedal or other gizmo, whatever I record is coming from my amp playing into my mic, I can't afford better so don't tell my how ****ty it will be...

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Well...just a thought

Why not get a behringer mixer and a $20 mic from MF and run it to your stock sound card in your desktop?

just use the line in port (light blue).

(I suggest the 802)

(I use this with a Yamaha MG10.2 mixer and preamp and it works ok for the money...nice XLR leads too)

out of your two cards, if you must...go with the Creative
but do understand these are not recording cards and will have tons of Latency even if you have a great computer and software.

or you could look into these options but they are more for home studio type recording....something you may not need right now:

look for an m-audio 2496 on ebay

they go for $100 new and can be found cheaper used.

then just get a mixer and plug your audio into that. Behringer makes some cheap mixers which sound ok but you may have a hard time finding anything like a mixer for your price range.

You can get a good setup with $100.

or look at ebay for a line 6 Toneport UX1. You wont need a mixer for that and it bypasses your sound card in the computer so you wont need a new one.
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right now, I'm running off integrated audio, and like I said, I only have like $50 (Actually $55 to be exact)

if I'm understanding you right, plugging into a mixer, than to my PC, will bypass my soundcard? if that works, I can deal with my current (crappy) mic, and the 802 mixer.

honestly, If I direct connect to my PC, I have no need for a mic at all, I can't sing worth crap, so All I'm doing is recording pure instrumentals...

I can look into a toneport, but It will take a LOT OF WORK to get my parents to accept letting me use their credit card... we're knee deep in debt, and are poor as hell... Seriously, 5 of those dollars came from me scrounging for change. I may have to sell my godin to get anything decent... BUT THEN I DON"T HAVE A RIDE TO A STORE OR A METHOD TO SHIP IT. The world just hates me.


what about this little bugger:


if that'll work, I might be able to beg for the extra money...

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peavey jsx 2x12 combo
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It does not bypass the soundcard, just means you'll be using an external microphone preamp instead of the P.O.S. preamp built into your PC. That creative will let you do 24 Bit/96 KHz but I can't comment on the quality for what you're looking to do in any way. It's probably not worth your money, and getting an external mixer might be worth the extra change. That tone port would be a lot better if you can get the extra money for it. Check your local craigslist ads as well you can sometimes find some great deals in there on used gear.
no feeding yoru sound card with a mixer wont bypass anything.
it will just give you a better preamp for the mic and all other gear used with it.

but yea i highly suggest saving up for a Toneport
The UX1 is best with the amount of inputs but if need be, you could go with a toneport GX


Its a little higher than your $55 but well worth it and you may be able to find a used one around your area if you keep an eye out on Craigslist.org

With that youll need a mic
and if you have a mic with XLR connections they have adapters that go to 1/4" so you can do vocals.
but this GX is mostly for guitar as it has just one 1/4" guitar type jack on board.
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what about these -- these intefaces sime similar to the toneport but cheaper, and with less features:



again, I'm ONLY trying to record my guitar playing at decent quality (buzz is ok by me, as long as it sounds like a guitar on the other end, distortion or not) I have no vocalist at all, and all backups are going to have to be midi synthesized...

Jackson dk2m
MIM strat
peavey jsx 2x12 combo
Recording King RDC-26
Digitch RP1000
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