Ok i dont really know where to put this kind of thing but my guitar is acting wierd, anyway basically whenever I Switch the Toggle switch to Treble that noise comes out of the amp like its not plugged in and i cant play with my treble switch i have to use Rythym all the time now, does anyone know how to fix it?

Its a Black Burny Les Paul

Thanks Again
maybe the pickup isn´t plugged in, the cable may have been broken or the whole pickup is broken. Try open your guitar and look if a cable is out, otherwise I dont know, sry
ya i think something might of fallen off because ive noticed it before but it would always go back to normal after anout 10 minutes.
than that´s probably the problem, if u dont find any, you can go to a guitar center and ask if they can repair it
Do you have two volume dials by any chance?
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TBH, I lean towards a loose wire or bad switch. Certainly, those are at least cheap to fix, so lets hope that's what it is.