hi, i must a new Metal or Rock riffs
I love:
Guns N' Roses
Sum 41
and other like that style

thank you
so... listen to some of those artists songs for inspiration, go learn some of their songs from tab or sheet music to get a handle of their feel and style, and go create some riffs...

do you honestly expect people to just write music for you? They might do it... if you pay them. But nobody does that for free.

There would be no business in the music business if everyone just gave everything to everyone else.

Besides, they wouldn't be your riffs anyway, they'd be someone else's, and you would just be playing a cover of them.

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no no no no
i mean that i wanna play a new riffs and i need some advices
and i know the riffs of those bands and i need to listen to more and more anthill i could create riffs
Well proper English might help you in getting a better reply. I didn't really even understand what you were asking for in your original post since you failed to use a verb.