i have a floating trem on my ibanez. when i use the whammy bar, eigther pulling it up or pushing it down it makes the guitar go slightly out of tune. but if i move the whammy bar around i can make go back in tune. I asked my friend and he said this is normal of whammy bars, you have to learn to menoover them back in to possition. Is this true? 'cause that sounds like it defeats the object of a locking system.
Is it a floyd rose? Because I've always thought those things were more trouble than they're worth.

And it's 'maneuver' just so you know.
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Have you had it long? The Edge III Trems are renowned for wearing out and becoming unstable after the guitar gets about 6 months old...
The Laney Thread are big and clever. No exceptions.
Normally it goes back in place itself. Maybe there is a problem with your springs or something?

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i read in a magazine somewhere about a guy with a similar problem. the magazine put it down to worn knife edges on the tremolo system, which can stop your floyd rose functioning properly, sometimes over a very short period of time. i dont know much about it, but if it bothers you that much, get technician at a music shop to check it out