Ok guys,here some some guitars i am thinking about;




K,heres the problem,these guitars,i think,other den the S470, is quite expensive,and all of them have floating bridges,which i heard is even a pain in the ass to tune.Is that true?Any opinions on any other guitars around or lower priced then the S470,has a fixed bridge and preferbly some cool inlays? thanks
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I prefer stuff bands like Red Hot Chilli Peppers play,soft rock? deffinately not metal or blues,just rock/soft rock
get a strat


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Yeah, a Strat will suit you much better than an Ibanez for those styles. They come with standard trems that you can lock down, so they're no problem to tune at all.
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Middle one was made for metal so scratch that one out.
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`Oh nononono! ibanez is really great and the S470? lol,that guitar is great for all the types..i'm actually leaning towards that guitar..the others i've not done research for..
well to be fair they will suit him with a pup change. but it's pointless getting a floyd rose bridge. check out some of ibanez fixed bridge or string through guitars if you MUST have an ibby

sz320EX + pup change would be good
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the floating trem on the s470 is different to the others. It's the same one that herman li from dragonforce uses. Personally i prfer the S470 the only downside is that the other two have more frets.

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Anyone recommending any fixed bridge ibanez guitars?yes and i totally agree with the guy above me
ok if you want fixed bridge then look at the SZ series of obby. if you want a tremolo then go for the SA series. vintage trem is more suited for rock

also look at the HSS pup config SA's SAS36FM and the SA260FM

sa2160fm if you have the money
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Oh yeah..for got to say,but i only like ibanez guitars..

HSH guitars aren't really the ideal choice if you like RHCP. from what i've heard of them, you'd be better off with something with single coils. I'm sure there are SSS ibanez guitars around that should give a similar tone to a strat (which i think is the best choice for you) if it really HAS to be Ibanez.
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Definitely the ibanez

serious, for soft rock, Id get the S-model
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