I've recenttly got a job at a guitar shop and along with money I already had, within two months I'll have enough (£700) to buy the guitar that I want, however that is alongside the fact that I'm trading in a drum kit and getting a staff discount.

But by the time I have enougb money, it'll be my birthday, and my parents said they'll put about half the money towards the guitar that I want. Should I accept this and still have about £350 or should I spend all my money on the guitar? It'll be the most expensive thing I'll have bought and it's been the longest amount of time that I've saved up any money.

What would you guys do?
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well u may as well let ure parents give you £350!!!

then u can spend the remaining money on an amp or save up again, or a very expensive night out!
so you have £700
your parents pay half
he means they'll pay for half of the £700 one. let them pay half, just show a lot of appreciation and you shouldn't feel too bad taking their money. that £350 can go into the auld amp fund
That extra 350 will get you a pretty tasty amp! Seriously, they're offering a gift for your birthday. There's no shame in accepting it. By the way, congratulations for being diligent with your saving. I'm trying to do the same thing now, so I can appreciate what it must be like to reach your goal.
Yeah, take half the money off your parents for a guitar, and put the rest into an amp.
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