Hey everyone.

I just got rid of my line 6 spider (pats self on back) and need something to record with, as well as practice.

I'm looking into getting a small tube practice amp, been looking at the royal 8, and palomino v8. Maybe even a Roland cube, although it's not tube. I play mostly metal, and modern rock. I know I'll probably have to toss a pedal in front of whatever amp I choose to get more of a "modern" metal crunch, but I'm looking for the amp with the overall best tone.

I already have a half stack for gigging, so I don't need much power (more power doesn't equal great tone in my opinion.).

Any suggestions are welcome.
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yeah if you want metal then the palomino gets a lot of praise. i've only heard clips of the royal 8 and it sounded pretty poor to me but you can never expect a good representation with a video