Hi, i have maybe about £130 to spend and i want to get a new wah pedal as my dunlop one is just not cutting it any more.

my favourite wah tones are one that sound VERY vocally, Steve Vai springs to mind, as does Jimi Hendrix. I know vai uses a morley wah but i have heard bad things about them so im not sure, from reading review i realised that the dimebag signiture wah is really good but i dont play metal i play bluesy rocky funky type music so im not sure weather that wah would be suitable also i heard the vox wahs are good but im not sure if i could get a steve vai style sound out of that.

I am a bit of a tone freak so quality is of upmost importance so please consider this when you make your suggestions.

Fulltone and Teese make very nice wahs, not sure on price though.

The Vox clyde mccoy is also nice.
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