What pickup would you recommend for bridge position on a strat style Stagg, I think the body is alder. I definitely want this guitar to be metal (I'm using it as my downtuned guitar) so maybe an EMG81?
well if it's strat style it probably is routed for SSS and will have an SSS pick guard. first of all you'll need to buy a pickguard for HH, then you'll need to route the guitar for HH and whatnot. unless of course your stagg is SSH then you can put the emg in, but i'd advise buying stacked single coil pups or single coil sized humbuckers for the SS part, and after you've done all of that, you may aswell just have bought a more metal oriented guitar
Well my stagg has a single humbucker in Bridge position at the moment, coupled with a single volume pot. Will the fact that there is no second pot make it harder to install the EMG?
Is it the Tom Delonge-style model? If it is, then as long as you don't plan on having the tone control, I don't see why it would be. If you do, though, then you'd either have to drill a new hole in the scratchplate or get a new one made.
If you mean the Tom Delonge strat i only found a very small low quality image of that but it looks similar apart from the colour.