I dont have money to buy better , so what do you think about this bass , Its very important.


Here's a link for everyone else's reference

I've never played one of these, but it looks pretty solid. Are you a beginner? It might be easier to tell you if this was a good bass for you depending on your experience.

It doesn't say much, but Agathis is a pretty terrible tone wood for the body, though it will be in most of the basses in your price range, excluding some of the Fenders and such which are Alder.

If you can come up with like $20 more, would this bass be better for you?

Those seem to be pretty solid, and also seem to be better than the Ibanez, but if you're looking for a 5-string, that might be your best option.

If its the only bass you can afford, then I can tell you that its an ok starter bass or an ok 5 string (especially for that price) but please expect you may end up replacing it down the road because there obviously are better basses out there. Still, look around on the internet (musicians friend is a good one) for other basses in your price range. You might just find something better you can afford.