im playin elder scrolls 4 oblivion and im doin the vampire cure quest, but i cant find any, so does anyone know where i can get some?
How about running a google search on an Oblivion walkthrough, or posting this at an Oblivion forum?

oblivion wiki!
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All I can tell you is that quest is an absolute pain in the arse. In fact it made me stop playing. Beware!
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oblivion wiki!


EDIT: Its a awesome game Smokey

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I'm thinking of getting this game, it looks decent.

Threadstarter, read a walkthrough. Be warned, walkthroughs are for pansies.
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i didnt get the game til recently, and i didnt knwo ther was a oblivion wiki or forum, i also checked the guides. but thnks ig uess
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Stay a vampire, its awesome.

Everything apart from the "Not allowed to go outside in the sun or you die" bit
you have to talk to a load of priests and then get a load of ingrediants n stuff
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im warning you about this quest

theres a MAJOR glitch in it that will make it so you can NEVER complete it.

go read the troubleshooter for it on gamefaqs to find out specifically what it is
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Yea, there was a glitch but I thought they fixed it in a patch. But yea, google Oblivion Wiki, the quest is just a pain in the ass. A lot of running around.
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