So here's the deal. My band will be starting to do extensive gigingin the next year, so I figure I'm gonna need a half stack. I want good cleans, an amp which goes good with pedals (I have a Metal Muff) At east 100 watts. I'm gonna get a summer job next summer to pay for this (I'll be almost 16), so I should make about 1000$ Canadian (Maybe 1500$ if I'm lucky) Anything good for that price? Tube is a must, because I want to have an amp for at least 2-3 years. I saw a vox head for 600$ at my music station(Tube) would that be good?
BTW: I play Punk, Ska, and distortion isn't a problem, as I have my Muff.
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An all tube Vox head would be excellent. Windsor half stack but cleans aren't great. Peavey Valveking half stack has better cleans but a little more expensive. Your best deals for an all tube half stack are in the used market. For metal you will need a little more gain than either of these. I am not sure the Vox will do modern metal. You really need to try some amps out before you make up your mind.
I probably won't be the last person to say this, but you don't need a 100-watt half-stack for gigging. If that Vox head was an AC-30, I'd go for it. Very nice cleans. .
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