I noticed when certain people reply to posts they have "quotes" in their reply box, what are these?
I am a forum newbie
The post is wrapped in quote tags

stuff here but don't put spaces

If you wanna quote a post, we have a button for that as well.

Twistedit: My post didn't come out so just click the quote button on the bottom right of my post so see the tags
Yip twist nailed it. But if you ever want to stick in a quote fast, the way to do it is:

[.QUOTE=*insertuserhere*]bla bla bla[./QUOTE]

Take out the dots and it will look like:

Quote by *insertuserhere*
bla bla bla

Where it says insertuserhere, just substitute it with a username. Ex:

Quote by Confusius
bla bla bla

Now get quoting!

EDIT: I forgot to mention the quote tag. Above the reply box you'll see there are several icons including: "B" "I" and "U" . Click one of them and you'll see a thing in brackets will come up in your reply box. Click it again and you'll see a second one comes up with a "/" in it. There is one in the shape of a speech bubble. Press it and [.QUOTE] without the dots should come up. Press it again and [./QUOTE] without the dot should come up. For even more speed, you can select the text you want to quote and while selected hit that button. Magix! The text is suddenly surrounded by quote tags.

Need any other help or things I can clear up?
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Ok I understand it now, thank you all for the help!

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