I'm interested in buying a processor and I've been reading good things about Boss's line up. So far it seems like the Boss Gt-8 is the holy grail, with the BOSS ME-50 being another good contender.

Can anyone tell me about their experience with the GS-10 ? One of my friends has one back home and I've never used one before. Pros/Cons?
Boss GT-8 is the best choice for floor multieffects currently on the market. Looking at the two pictures you'll see that in terms of the effects, knobs, options, etc. they're quite similar. It's just a question of how you're using them I'd say.

The features of the GT-8 and the GS-10 seems pretty similar in terms of effects and knob controls. If you're using it for studio/computer recording like you see in that picture I'd probably go with the GS-10 cause looking at the description it's definitely designed for use with your computer. The GT-8 of course is for floor use, although it has MIDI and digital out which can be used for connected and recording to the computer.

So basically what do you need? Tabletop effects or floor effects with foot switches and an expression pedal?
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see that's the thing! i want to be able to record but I also want the ease of use of floor pedals.

do you have any other suggestions as far as floor pedals? different brands that are worth looking at?
^Boss GT-8 can do direct to computer recording. It has a digital out in the back. It's an output for cables the size of a computer's microphone or headphone cords, and according to Johnny Demarco's product demonstration you can "record directly to your computer."
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