hey, because I move between 2 different houses so often, it's getting too big a pain in the ass to carry my rack stuff everywhere.

I've an ISP Decimator Pro Rack G, an Ibanez EQ & a fender tuner in my rack, and I have a MXR 10 band EQ and an Ibanez TU-20.

So, can anyone tell me of a good noise gate, suppressor or something along those lines for maximum $160AUD?

EDIT: The reason the maximum is $160AUD is because I need something for infront of my amp and something for in the loop
ah sorry, i'm not hip with $ AU. i'll check a converter and get back to you
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I know it does. If you read my post, I explain why I need 2 new noise gates/suppressors.
it looks sweet as, but I really need 2 floor based things. I need something I can just chuck in my backpack when I'm going out, and between houses.

I have about $120-130USD to spend on each. But, that doesnt help me on the aussie price. My local store sells the ISP decimator pedals for $250 AUD. The Boss NS-2 is something like $120 AUD.

Assume my budget at about $100 USD a pedal

However, I could JUST afford one of each. Would the ISP infront of my amp, and the NS-2 in the loop work decent?
I have a few bypass loops sitting around, I think most of em still work. I'll take em with me tomorrow when I try out the NS-2 & ISP combo.

Thanks Storm_Bringer_